Murder Mystery by Murder Sleuths

Friday 4 May 2018

Join us for an evening of intrigue and murder 

Dudley Morrison - one half of the former duo the Farenhite Brothers - after more than 30 years in the music business wilderness, is experiencing a career revival

He has organised a 'mini tour' of promotional soirees to further promote resurgence. He's invited his ex singing partner Ted 'Octane' Jones who has previously refused to attend - is there still bad blood between them?

The two were once great friends, that is until the Skegness Fields which the session drummer was found dead!

Dudley's ex wife, Lydia Jones, his manager Sam Jones and his old flame Tina Martin will all be there. The past is about to catch up with them all.

It will prove to be too much for someone to bear and they will be compelled to get even.... 

Join us for an evening of intrigue and murder 

£36.50 per person includes a 3 course dinner 


Traditional prawn cocktail with a spicy prawn sauce served with brown bread & butter 


Pan fried chicken breast with a tomato shallot and garlic sauce 


Stuffed Portobello mushroom with spinach and garlic with buffalo mozzarella 


Chocolate sponge with a chocolate custard 


Tea / coffee and fudge 

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