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Come & try the Powerplate Pro machine at Ringwood Hall Hotel`s Health & Fitness Club..

Q.Technology - what is Powerplate?

A. Powerplate equipment is the premium vibration device powering a new dimension in wellness solutions for all ages, lifestyles and physical abilities. It uses the principles of Acceleration Training to stimulate the body`s natural response to vibration. These vibrations transmit waves of energy throughout the body, activating muscle contractions between 25 and 50 times per second, enhancing overall performance in sessions as short as 15 minutes a day, 3 times a week.


Powerplate machines are a great alternative for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, but do not have the time for a lengthy work-out three or four times a week. Acceleration Training exercise using Power Plate machines offers a number of important benefits that will help fitness goals easily be achieved or exceeded. These benefits include measurable outcomes, such as increased muscle strength, better range of motion, better core conditioning and stability, and faster recovery.

Technology : Be Sure The Power Plate Method Is For You.

You should consult a physician before beginning any exercise program, including a program involving the use of the Power Plate machine.

If you have any known medical condition, or any physical limitations on your ability to exercise, Power Plate strongly recommends that you seek the advice of a qualified physician before using the Power Plate machine.

If, while using the Power Plate machine, you feel dizzy, faint, short of breath, or any pain, stop using the Power Plate machine immediately, and consult a physician.    

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Power Plate
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