Murder Mystery Dinner

Friday 3 May 2019


Hoggerhanger Hall is in turloil. The current owner June Fletcher can't decide which of her grandchildren to leave the Hall to; Alice wants to turn the Hall into a spiritual retreat, her cousin Patrick would rather the grounds become a theme park - one thing is for sure, until they can agree, Alex - (head of the Trust) - will look after the Hall's interests. 

June has recently updated her Will. Greed, vengeance and self -serving interests are all in abundance; hidden agendas and deceit are plentiful - who will prevail?

Someone is prepared to callously murder innocent people to get what they want....

Includes a 3 course menu for only £36.50 per person 


Garlic creamed mushrooms with mascarpone cheese & fresh herbs served with crusty bread 


Baked cod loin wrapped in pancetta with a butter sauce 


Mediterranean vegetable risotto with parmesan crisp  

Served with chefs selection of vegetables and potatoes 


Vanilla cheesecake with fresh berries 


Tea / coffee and fudge 

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