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** October Treatment of the month **
Illuminate Face and Body Glow

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A treatment truly inspired by the season, embracing the environment and everything it has to offer at this rich and ripe time of year, bringing the outside into the therapy room. The Pumpkin: So much more than a novelty doorstep item! It’s incredible for skin – great for plumping and soothing, leaving it bright and glowing. It’s bursting out of our Winter Pear & Pumpkin Body Scrub – and it has inspired a top to toe brightening, soothing and plumping treatment. After a thorough skin exfoliation, the therapist will cocoon your body in the Illuminating Body Wrap. Whilst this works its magic, our top secret ‘Pumpkin anti-oxidant face mask’ is applied to the face, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage before being enveloped in a rich body moisturiser to leave you floating on air, looking and feeling your very best.
As a special addition to you, for all our guests who join us for this treatment, we will gift you the top secret Pumpkin Face Mask recipe to recreate and continue to reap the benefits of, from our ‘kitchen’ to yours!
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp

Deep Rooted Ritual 

Hack in to the power of the root. Beetroot, our favourite skin loving root vegetable to help protect and brighten skin. Add a burst of skin energy with the orange and root ginger body wrap to help flush toxins from the body, followed by a root ginger, marjoram and clove deep tissue massage to stimulate skin and leave it glowing.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp

Tea-tox Detox
Health benefits and antioxidant properties of tea are astounding. Discover a flood of teas in this spiced tea body treatment. With Green Tea & Coconut Oil Sugar Body Buff to polish, soothe and detox the body.  Natural pure muds are then used to detox, purify and rejuvenate the skin, drawing out toxins and impurities. After a blast of skin enlivening peppermint, the body is then soothed with skin nourishing jasmine.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp

Skinny Seaweed Wrap
We don’t believe in ‘slimming’ to look good – we embrace Every Body! – but who doesn’t want to flush out toxins and feel your best for the beach? Buff skin with beetroot, mingled with watermelon and yuzu. Wrap with the skinny Laminaria seaweed wrap to shift water retention, detox and help tone. Soothing coconut scalp massage to nourish, and a vigorous rub down with detoxing Seaweed Body Oil.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp

Illuminate Body Glow
Inspired by the Geisha girls who for centuries have used the rice water on their skin, the illuminate body glow treatment is packed with natural ingredients including rice bran oil and a combination of skin nourishing alpine plants. Due to its high nourishing factors, rice bran oils detoxify, de-stress, slim and tone, restoring minerals and moisture to the skin, whilst Swiss natural alpine plants create a luminous finish, nourishing glow to the skin. The perfect prep for any special occasion.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp

Bespoke Blend Mud Patch
Create your very own mud patch treatment based on the scents you love and the results you wish to achieve. Choose from 5 evocative fragrances to make your mud patch experience a sensorial sensation.
55 Minute Treatment - £69pp


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